7 Technical Aspects of Evaluating Scalable Software Solutions

If looking for scalable software solutions for your ecommerce site here are 7 technical aspects for evaluating and finding the right solution for your new store!

As business owners and retailers pay more attention to the web channel, they are finding that the ecommerce platform they are using can no longer support their evolving business needs. They are starting to look for better applications that can best meet their current, as well as, future needs.

Choosing the right ecommerce solution for the long term is not easy. It is not easy to make a decision based on the current requirements and unidentified set of future needs. At first, the ecommerce functionality seems great and pretty straightforward. All ecommerce websites have product catalogs and they offer different ways to search for and find the items you want, they all come with special promotions like free shipping, they all have shopping carts, they all offer secure transactions, and etc.

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However, the expected features are required to keep best-in-class online stores responsive, appealing, and performing well at high-transaction volumes. The difference between the scalable software solutions and their capabilities can spell the difference between an online store’s success and failure.

If you are looking for a scalable ecommerce enterprise solutions for your online store in the United Kingdom, here are 7 technical aspects that will help you find the right one:

1. The Product Catalog: Will today’s scheme meet your business demands tomorrow? The product catalog is a repository for every product you sell. It should effectively promote the items you want to sell and help your potential customers find the products they are looking for. Low-quality and poorly built product catalogs can be uncompromising. When evaluating an ecommerce solution, you need to understand how flexible and customizable the product catalog is.

2. Business User Control: When evaluating scalable software solutions, you need to make sure the solution you choose will be architecturally and technically sound with the right capabilities. Don’t forget to also look for tools that your business managers can use.

3. Search: How quickly can customers find what they are looking for? The search box is one of the first things online customers use. And as we all know, there is nothing more frustrating than searching for a certain product but not finding it somehow. When choosing a scalable ecommerce platform, you need to look for business controls that support personal and compelling search experience.

4. Agility: How quickly can you implement business requests to respond to a visitor’s behavior? You need a platform that can help you monitor customer activity in your store and take an action based on specific behavior.

5. Standards: Is the solution you want to use is created on a standards-based platform? We suppose you have seen some good ecommerce solutions that solve all kinds of business problems only to discover they are coded in a database, language, and aren’t supported by the skills of your team. The industry experts suggest that businesses should adopt a “buy” instead of “build” approach when looking for an ecommerce solution.




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6. Integration: You need a platform that will allow you to customize each individual aspect of the system to meet your unique business needs. With such a solution, you won’t sacrifice the integrity of the rest of your website.

7. Synergy: As a business owner, you need to expect that you will sooner or later want to use your ecommerce platform investment in other business areas. You need to understand how the platform can support those business areas up front.

These key considerations will help you find and invest in the right scalable ecommerce platform.