Growing an enterprise e-commerce business is not easy. You can start it successfully but encounter challenges. The collapsing of a website is a common problem for many entrepreneurs. With this, they lose all their business information which makes them start from scratch. Also, they lose trust in their customers. To avoid this, you need to consider the scalability feature when creating your site. Scalability is essential in all e-commerce businesses because it will prevent your website from crashing. It will enable your site to grow together with your business. With this, you can increase the amount of work without worries. Some platforms can help you create a website that will handle a tremendous amount of work. Here they are:

Shopify plus

Shopify plus is a leading hosted scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. It has unlimited bandwidth and storage to enable your site to handle more work. The good thing about Shopify plus is the responsiveness feature. It comes with responsive design templates to allow you to draft a site that supports the mobile device. With this, customers will not encounter challenges when viewing your site.

If you are a newbie, Shopify is the best platform. It has a user-friendly interface to allow you to come up with a great site without the design skills. It will be easier for you to add products, create discounts, and set up email marketing campaigns.

Magento enterprise

Another excellent platform that will allow your business to grow is the Magento enterprise. It is an open source platform that will provide you with the freedom of making changes to your website. You can easily add advanced features to improve the functionality of your site. Magento Enterprise is a leading platform with a massive number of plugins. With this, you will enhance your store’s functionality.


BigCommerce is an enterprise e-commerce platform that cares for every business needs. It has the security features to allow you to run your enterprise business without losses.  The PCI and SSL features will protect the customers’ information during the check-out process. Also, it will store your business data on the cloud to prevent you from losing them. The good thing about BigCommerce is the customization feature. It will enable your site to look unique. With this, you can stand out from your competitors and increase sales.

Also, this platform comes with great marketing tools to allow you to reach the target customers easily. The SEO is a leading marketing tool that will improve ranking on search engines. Social media is another tool that will enable you to target a massive number of customers. You will easily reach the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users.


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